High degree of integration of energy flow and information flow

Independent chip research and development(R & D) and patent technology

Auto-adapt Multi Frequency DSSS

The world’s leading KaiStar power line carrier

Power line and communication line ‘Two in one‘: maintenance-free and long service life

Nine communication frequency bands can be automatically selected to solve the anti-interference problem of power line carrier

Copy success rate 100%

Data accuracy 100 %

On-off control rate 100%

Water, electricity, gas, heat, air, water quality monitoring and other multi-terminal sensor docking

Realizing real-time data acquisition, monitoring, analysis, linkage control platform
Relying on [Internet + Carrier Internet of Things + Cloud platform + Mobile terminal + Mobile APP]

Energy Internet

Linking up the whole process of ‘source, network, charge, storage and pipe’

Covering the whole category of ‘electricity, cold energy, heat, light and gas’

Connecting the energy grid and internet, integrating the energy flow and information flow

Greener, more energy efficient and more innovative

‘Energy storage’ is an intelligent bridge between energy supply and energy use subjects,
Supported by the big data cloud platform,
Realizing efficient interconnection and real-time scheduling between energy micro grid and regional energy users.

?Using energy storage to connect ‘source, network, charge and information’, transforming the energy system from ’chain’ to ‘network’
?Gathering information by energy storage, breaking energy information barriers
?Using energy storage to dispatch energy, providing high flexibility

Pro IOT-- smart energy management platform

? Information monitoring: multi-node, full category, high timeliness
? Intelligent scheduling: automated, intelligent, multi-functional
? Energy consumption analysis: standard report, peer benchmarking
? External interface: standard data, business extension supporting