One-stop energy storage system design, procurement, installation, operation and maintenance

which helping you build a dedicated energy storage power station from scratch

Smart energy storage: The key components of the energy brain

Pro energy storage adopts Smart ProTM Intelligence system to full scene design and development of energy storage applications.
Compatible with sodium sulfur battery, lead carbon battery, ternary lithium battery, lithium iron phosphate battery and other battery technologies, flexible design based on load, peak and valley electricity charges, regional distribution network situation,
customized, modular, and intelligent solutions

Building energy storage

Smart energy storage system is designed according to building energy needs, adhering to the design concept of ‘safe, convenient, smart’
Integrating new technologies of the Internet, cloud computing, big data and the Internet of things to Improve the intelligent level of buildings
Making buildings more energy efficient and economical

Industrial energy storage

Industrial distributed energy storage integration scheme design, more efficient, more stable, and more reliable
Energy conservation and low carbon, constructing smart industrial parks
Optimizing the scheme of industrial energy use, reducing the cost of energy use, and establishing clean, efficient, and smart comprehensive energy system

Household energy storage

Letting distributed energy into thousands of households, making the household energy cleaner and energy saving smarter
Through big data analysis, intelligent optimization of the energy use strategy, realizing household energy saving and cost reduction
Smart energy storage + smart home, redefining the future lifestyle

Our Advantages

Professional Services

Customized design by the Energy and Power System design team from Tsinghua University

One Stop In Place

All in one service, construction management and operation of all-round guarantee

Intelligent interaction

Internet-style energy management, Internet-style user experience

Expand energy storage+

Not just energy storage, but more focus on integrated energy management