Business Module

Focusing on smart energy innovation applications, providing one-stop solutions

Energy storage solutions

One-stop energy storage system design, procurement, installation, operation and maintenance, which helping you build a dedicated energy storage power station from scratch

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Smart energy integrated solutions

It covers the whole category of "electricity, cold, heat, light and gas", so that the energy flow and information flow are highly integrated

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DC microgrid

DC microgrid, the real revolution of energy consumption side, fundamentally solves the problem of peak valley difference of urban power load

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Green traffic

Realize clean logistics process, full coverage of electric power, and electric travel system of "tourist bus + sightseeing car + RV + shared bicycle"

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Clean heating

Collect solar energy, air energy, geothermal energy and other renewable energy utilization technologies, electric heating + photovoltaic + energy storage, solve the bottleneck of power capacity, and realize rapid promotion

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