Pro Intelligent Energy Co., Ltd. (Pro) focuses on clean smart energy and we are committed to provide comprehensive integrated energy solution for our customers.

In Chinese, the meaning of Pro is general publics. The overuse of fossil fuel has caused a series of environmental problems, which has a strong negative impact on people around the world. Our business aims to make renewable energy technologies more economical and reliable, so that publics are able to get access to affordable clean energy with high quality and get benefit from it.In English, Pro is the abbreviation of Prometheus – a figure in Greek mythology who defies the gods by stealing fire (energy) and giving it to humanity as civilization. Under the trend of energy revolution, the clean renewable energy will eventually take place of traditional fossil fuel. Pro would like to support this new fire and help the energy industry stepping into a new era.Besides, Pro could represent for “professional” as well, which indicates that Pro is a professionally based enterprise.

Pro is established in 2018 with the investment from four shareholders. Chasing the same career goal, they gathered and founded Pro. Following are the introduction of them:

GCL System Integrated Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code 002506):

  • 1 renewable energy company in China’s top 500 enterprises rank;
  • Top three in the rank of global best 500 renewable energy enterprises and the world’s leading development and construction operators in renewable energy industry for many years;
  • Photovoltaic installations exceeds 4000MW.

Shandong Sacred Sun Power Sources Co., Ltd. (stock code 002580):

  • The world’s leading enterprise for energy storage and micro-grid solutions;
  • The largest supplier of State Grid/China Southern Grid, with hundreds of project experience in Europe, the United States, Australia and Asia.

Beijing Huaqing Ronghao Co., Ltd.:

  • Beijing’s first professional enterprise working on geo-thermal projects, formerly known as Beijing Geological Prospecting Institute.
  • Have experience in design and construction of 400 geothermal hot springs and heat pump systems projects with a total construction area of 35 million square meters, including Beijing Olympic Village, Beijing Garden Expo Park, Shanghai World Expo, etc.

Beijing Guohong Xincheng Management Consulting Co., Ltd.:

  • Professional team from the National Development and Reform Commission, which has promoted numbers of national level policies and pilots;
  • Rich experience in energy investment and business operation. Used to manage assets of more than 10 billion yuan, and successfully achieved implementation of listing and other capital operations.

Pro is committed to provide integrated clean energy solution with full lifecycle coverage, from project planning, design, construction to operation. Multiple kinds of energy systems have been involved, including PV, energy storage, charging pile, clean heating and so on. Based on user demand, Pro tailors regional clean energy system to our customers, in order to achieve multi-objective collaboration with high yield, high security and sustainability.